Freedom beyond solutions was founded by renowned Self – improvement specialist Sushant Kadam.

Sushant Kadam is well experienced, having travelled across the world to deliver training programs internationally. He has successfully and personally trained over 20,000 individuals from different walks of life over a period of 10 years.

His training helps people realize their real potential and the ability to utilize it to reap benefits from every walk of their life. Work wise, this improves productivity and quality of output thereby impressing employers across the board. This is achieved by giving them quality training in Physical, Mental and Emotional areas as well as Motivation, thorough Counseling and Consultancy.

Mr Kadam is presently pursuing his PhD in Meditation-Yoga and Paranormal Sciences.

In addition to the above Mr Kadam is equally committed to social responsibilities. He is associated with schools for the poor in Pune where he trains them on personality development and mind training wherein he visits a school for poor children in Pune, for Personality and Mind training. He has adopted a school for handicapped children in Kalyan for training in Mind Development, Arts and Crafts, Creativity and Holistic Life Style. In Thane, he collaborates with an NGO for orphans.