Stress Management (for Management & Employees)

We can manage stress by learning certain holistic techniques like Meditation, Mind Training, Energy-Chakra-balancing, Dynamic Exercises, Thumb-Finger-Tips (TFT), Relationship improvement techniques, Self acceptance, ho'oponopono.

Mind Training

Power of Subconscious Mind (SCM).

Relation Development Techniques

Causes of unhealthy relationships and remedies to better relationships

(Ego clashes, economic -sexual needs, guilt, lack of respect for each other and forgiveness, lack of appreciation).

Energy/ Chakra Balancing

Achieved through special methods.


Hawaiian Technique to release blocks and receive acceptance.

Thumb Finger Tips

Techniques to create hooks and anchors for worry anxiety, exertion, obsessions and sexual excitement.


  • Instant release of stress P. (Blood pressure) control
  • Pain relief
  • Rejuvenation Longevity and Flexibility of body
  • Improved Memory, Enhanced Concentration and Decision Making