Exercises for Company Personnel


  • How to work with joy and derive satisfaction
  • We work on employees’ working habits for one day
  • Understanding effects of body postures depending on type of work – (e.g. stationary , manual, machines, computer, admin etc ,white and blue collar jobs)
  • Accordingly, we teach or suggest very easy and practical body movements to de-stress
  • Holistic health practices-acupressure etc.
  • Work as Meditation
  • Healthy and Positive use of Mind

Benefits of Exercises

  • In less time get more energized
  • Getting body & mind back in good shape
  • Alignment of body and spine
  • Freedom from Pain
  • Get fun and enjoyment from it
  • Develop Laughing and Smiling habits
  • Figure control
  • Weight Management
  • Develop a spirit of co-operation and co-ordination
  • Peace of Mind