Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Thought & Belief

Humans have lots of desires and thoughts and these get accumulated and turn into blocks of Anger, hatred, insult, deception, unwanted and unexpected incidents, which do not get dissolved and turn into disease).
Some blocks are from childhood, teen age, relationships, society, social habits, conditioning. Sometimes emotional blocks are created in mother’s womb or sometimes received from parents’ DNA. All these are sources of emotional blocks.
Using this technique we can dissolve & release our emotional blocks that perennially disturb us.


  • Understanding emotional freedom techniques
  • History of EFT
  • Energy Dynamics
  • Metaphysics
  • Universal Laws
  • Secret behind Secret
  • Techniques of EFT
  • Tapping Points
  • Practical Sessions
  • Vibratory World
  • Quantum Physics


  • Releases emotional blocks from system
  • Gives Emotional Freedom, Joy and Happiness
  • Removes burden of the past
  • Makes changes / transformations easy
  • Changes habits, patterns etc.
  • Makes Acceptance of guilt-free life easier
  • Creates Self – acceptance, respect, love and forgiveness to ourselves and others.
  • Improves personality.