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Our Satisfied Clients

Our Satisfied Clients

"My company was going through a rough patch a year back and I was pretty unsure about my future prospects with them. That’s when I learnt about Mr. Kadam’s program and decided to give it a go. Today I realize it’s all about me, no matter where I work or what I do, all that matters is how evolved I am, how well I handle my stress, how well I apply my learning and how confident I am! I am truly grateful to Freedom beyond Solutions and Mr Kadam for helping me bring out the best in me."

-Marie France

CEO (Bourg d'Oisans France)

"Thank you Mr Sushant for everything I’ve learned during the meditation sessions. I especially loved the meditation based on relaxation exercises. It has made me calmer and more patient than I have ever known myself to be. It gives me the kind of mental strength to face in challenge in life."



"This program has proven to be blessing in disguise for me. It has helped me regain my self confidence & self esteem while also helping me learn new skills which have been truly empowering. Thanks to Mr. Kadam for that."

- Dr. Vinod Midda

(Fiat - Medicil Head)